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With Alder Security you can also add and edit emergency contacts and order Alder Home Security On Demand monitoring, but you'll have to use the web portal to do things like add third party devices, create custom automations, and manage notifications. Moreover, the web portal's Dashboard screen offers a more comprehensive view of the entire Alder Home Security system cameras, devices, timeline, captured images, and settings than the mobile app. First, I entered the gateway activation key provided on the Home Security Systems startup card and was connected within seconds. I clicked Continue to set up my devices, starting with the door sensors. For Alder Home Security sensor A the app wanted to know if I was using it for a door or window and instructed me to pull out the clear plastic tab from the back of the sensor to activate it. I aligned the two components, named the sensor Front Door, hit Continue, and it was immediately paired. I added the second sensor and moved on to the DIY Home Security motion sensor/camera. Using a small Philips head screwdriver I removed the back cover and inserted three CR123 batteries included. I replaced the cover, mounted the camera using double backed tape, and hit Snap a Photo to test it. Alder Security After the test image appeared I named the camera and proceeded to pair the Indoor Streaming Camera. This requires another Alder Alarm open router port during the initial setup, but the camera can eventually connect via Wi Fi or remain wired.

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I do tell him not to open the Alder Alarm door for a stranger. I do tell him to seek out a teacher at school or a policeman or go into a store if he is having trouble away from home. I tell him when we are expecting a a delivery or a repair visit. Alder Security This is common sense. Try it. I want to thank everyone for their comments regarding my previous post. I was trying to say that I can replace money/ possessions and I can recover from any embarrassment from being scammed. What is NOT replaceable are our children. I am not giving in to the 'nannycam' mentality, but I am very aware of the need to protect my own children. I still have young children of my own. My 3 1/2 year old niece Natalynn Miller was recently murdered on March 22nd in Visalia, CA this year.